T he PRECIOUS Awards was founded in 2007 by Foluke Akinlose MBE, to celebrate and applaud the professional achievements of women of colour in the UK.

The Awards are intent on recognising the often unsung contributions of remarkable role models and of bringing those success stories to light.

The Awards have a dynamic, passionate, grassroots following, this is down to over a decade of bringing brilliant, often media-marginalised, women of colour into the spotlight.

The Awards recognise exceptional determination, innovation, entrepreneurial skills and talent across multiple categories. Consequently, the Awards have prompted successive UK Prime Ministers, and leading voices from across the political spectrum, to proclaim their support and admiration.

David Cameron while UK PM described the Awards as “vital” and in January 2017 UK PM Theresa May said:

“These awards are a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the substantial contribution of Black and Asian female entrepreneurs. I am pleased to know of the support you give to women of colour in the business and work environment, and your work to create and celebrate vital role models through your awards.”

Many of our previous winners have gone on to further success after picking up a PRECIOUS Award:

Bianca Miller; our Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2014, has gone on to hack into the fashion sector with her redefining nude brand of tights.

Our Entrepreneur of the Year 2010 Geeta Sidhu, founder of organic food delivery Nosh Detox, has gone on to build a million-pound turnover business.

Looking to the future and conscious of the impact of the Awards in creating role models, Foluke expanded the Awards in 2015 to encompass The PRECIOUS GIRLS Awards profiling the achievements of girls aged 10-15.