The annual PRECIOUS Awards is one of the biggest events in the UK’s business calendar. We celebrate the achievements of women of colour in business, leadership and work.

We are passionate about recognising success in the workplace and inspiring women of colour to launch their own businesses.

The PRECIOUS Awards is a powerful way to get stories of success heard, recognised and applauded. The Awards attracts a diverse audience of the influential to the aspirational, across all sections of society from Theresa May, Nick Clegg, Baroness Amos to the thousands of dedicated and avid PRECIOUS fans, eager to celebrate inspiring women.

Winners and finalists of PRECIOUS Awards stand out from the crowd; the distinction sends a resoundingly positive message to customers and attracts new business. The PRECIOUS Awards is supported by the wider business community, government and the press, and brings credibility and honour to all category nominees.

“A wonderful opportunity”

Thersa May FORMER PM

All entries are judged by a panel of top business people, thereby increasing the visibility of the nominee.

PRECIOUS is proud to applaud and highlight the enterprise and innovation of women of colour, who rank among the brightest of stars contributing to contemporary UK plc.