For over 170 years, Vlisco has been at the heart of the African Woman’s story; the motifs of its fabrics playing a central role in conveying their hopes, fears, aspirations and victories. Vlisco fabrics are works of art in their own right and as art inspires even more creativity, Vlisco remains inspired by the creativity of women of colour in the UK, across various sectors who are creatively making their mark on the world. Vlisco believes in supporting the strength and beauty of women and the brand upholds partnerships that seek to further influence culture towards living this value system as a reality. Hence, Vlisco is proud to be associated with the Precious Awards!

Since 2007, the Precious Awards have celebrated the achievements of women of colour in the UK, telling their stories in an impactful and colourful way. Vlisco’s partnership with the Precious Awards for the Creative Business of the Year Award is therefore well placed as the brand continues to support and contribute in diverse ways to the empowerment of women be it in the arts, fashion and the business world on the continent and globally. We look forward to being inspired!



Santander is committed to helping our customers prosper by working with them to take advantage of new opportunities and plan for the future. We’re passionate about helping ambitious businesses to succeed. Building long-lasting relationships with SMEs runs deep in our heritage. We’ve come to know and understand the needs of our customers, which has helped us to appreciate the challenges they face and the support they need to overcome them.

Santander Breakthrough has championed the cause of Women Business Leaders from the inception of the programme in 2011. By engaging with partners like Cause4, Enterprising Women, and for the first time last year with Precious, the Breakthrough programme supports female entrepreneurs through facilitating Business education programmes, Mentor schemes for Women Business Leaders, and bespoke events. All activity is aimed at providing Women Business Leaders with the support of, discussions with and access to high profile, successful business women who can help them transform their business. www.santandercb.co.uk/breakthrough


Business & IP Centre

Business & IP Centre was launched in 2006 with the aim to support businesses, entrepreneurs and inventors grow their organisations across a range of industries. Providing small business advice, support and resources the Centre has been used by more than 350,000 individuals, a number that increases alongside our offering of business support. The success is partly due to the free business resources available to anyone who wants to use the comprehensive collection of databases and publications, as well as a great number of workshops, advice sessions and other events. www.bl.uk/bipc

The Ilesha Charitable Trust

The Ilesha Charitable Trust is a private family trust that makes on-going and impact donations to Science, Technology & Diversity initiatives & causes. @IleshaTrust

BAME Recruitment

Since 2015 BAME Recruitment has been committed to delivering inclusive
recruitment and consultancy services, helping businesses reach more qualified
candidates from diverse communities and other underrepresented groups. As
a diversity and inclusion consultancy firm, we are passionate about working to
nurture talent, helping maintain a representative demographic profile within
organisations and addressing any imbalances that might currently exist.
Our focus is on aligning candidates to the right organisation with an inclusive
culture to help them flourish and enhance the business they are working for.
BAME Recruitment work within the private, public and charity/not-for-profit
sectors on ways to better attract and retain staff from BAME, LGBT+, female
leaders, disability and other diverse backgrounds.

We strive to create a positive impact from diversity and inclusion initiatives
and work with organisations to create role models who will empower the next
generation of leaders across all sectors of employment. It is imperative that
future generations have outstanding and relatable role models that they can
look up to, and who inspire individuals to push themselves further.
BAME Recruitment is delighted to continue supporting the incredible work of
The Precious Awards in highlighting the success of women of colour, and we
are proud to sponsor The Outstanding Woman in Public Sector Award.