UnLtd logo_smallWith social and economic inequality growing in the UK, more people than ever are using innovative and sustainable business ideas to help drive social change.

Whether they are providing jobs, improving the lives of people in later life, or making a positive impact in the places where they live and work, these social entrepreneurs put social purpose at the heart of what they do, ahead of financial gain.

We think social entrepreneurs make a difference and need our support. We find, fund, and support them to bring their ideas to life and build sustainable social ventures.

Since 2002, working in partnership, we have supported over 16,500 social entrepreneurs. Last year they helped more than 870,000 people to improve their lives. From starting up to scaling up, UnLtd’s unique package of support and funding helps social entrepreneurs to realise their untapped potential and build a better society for all. Together, we are unstoppable. https://www.unltd.org.uk/


Business & IP Centre

Business & IP Centre was launched in 2006 with the aim to support businesses, entrepreneurs and inventors grow their organisations across a range of industries. Providing small business advice, support and resources the Centre has been used by more than 350,000 individuals, a number that increases alongside our offering of business support. The success is partly due to the free business resources available to anyone who wants to use the comprehensive collection of databases and publications, as well as a great number of workshops, advice sessions and other events. www.bl.uk/bipc

The Ilesha Charitable Trust Ilesha Charitable Trust 8-01


The Ilesha Charitable Trust is a private family trust that makes on-going and impact donations to Science, Technology & Diversity initiatives & causes. @IleshaTrust


BAME Recruitment image of BAME recruitment logo

Since 2015 BAME Recruitment has been committed to delivering inclusive
recruitment and consultancy services, helping businesses reach more qualified
candidates from diverse communities and other underrepresented groups. As
a diversity and inclusion consultancy firm, we are passionate about working to
nurture talent, helping maintain a representative demographic profile within
organisations and addressing any imbalances that might currently exist.
Our focus is on aligning candidates to the right organisation with an inclusive
culture to help them flourish and enhance the business they are working for.
BAME Recruitment work within the private, public and charity/not-for-profit
sectors on ways to better attract and retain staff from BAME, LGBT+, female
leaders, disability and other diverse backgrounds.

In 2018 we launched Diversifying, a purpose-led career platform for job seekers keen to engage with organisations that are committed to creating inclusive and diverse work cultures.
A portal for organisations who are serious about inclusion to showcase their diversity initiatives and connect job opportunities to people from underrepresented talent pools.

We are delighted to continue supporting the incredible work of
The Precious Awards in highlighting the success of women of colour, and we
are proud to sponsor The Outstanding Woman in Public Sector Award.



This is the Nurole black-grey logoBoardrooms are often criticised for being made up of predominantly white, public-school educated men. Nurole.com is designed to boost diversity by expanding the board-level talent pool. In the last year, for example, 53% of the financial services board placements Nurole.com has enabled have gone to women, more than twice the 24% global industry average recorded by the Corporate Women Directors International survey.

Nurole.com’s platform combines a curated social network, intelligent matching technology and a tailored service to connect board-level leaders to relevant opportunities in the commercial and not-for-profit sectors. It casts the net wider, increases competition and boosts equal opportunity, making it about the value you add, not who you know.
Being candidate-led, Nurole.com flips the traditional search process on its head and empowers individuals to put themselves forward or recommend others, removing the barriers that historically deprived boards and individuals.
Nurole.com is also committed to having a social impact. We provide discounted access for charities and have raised tens of thousands of pounds for fantastic causes through our recommend-a-member initiative.

Nurole.com is proud to sponsor the Inspiring Board Leader award as part of our efforts to champion cognitive diversity and identify pockets of overlooked talent. Register for free and find your next board member or board role at https://www.nurole.com/request